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Premium Bathroom Remodeling

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The bathroom is functional and restorative.  It’s where we bathe and luxuriate.  For most humans, going to the bathroom means, taking a short trip outside in the elements.  There is very little comfort - it is purely functional.  In America, we are fortunate to have en suite bathrooms, water closets, deep bathtubs, multiple massaging shower heads and in-shower seating.  We primp in front of mirrors with luminosity, light candles, and sing along to our favorite tunes.  This is what we work hard for.  This is part of the American dream.  Enlist Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis to create all this and more for your abode.

Premium Plumbing

Indoor plumbing revolutionized bathrooms around the world.  Prior to this invention, water was collected from wells, streams and lakes.  It was then carefully hauled inside homes.  Most people took baths inside tiny tin basins.  A slop jar was used as a vessel to collect and dispose waste.  Thank goodness for the advent of modern plumbing.  Today we have heated flooring and gorgeous fixtures.  Hot water is heated instantaneously and we have the option to linger in jet tubes with soothing massage heads.  Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis creates bathrooms to live for.  We offer superior plumbing services to bring your vision to life.

Premium Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be simultaneously functional and inspiring.  We create lighting that allows you to detect the smallest hair that can quickly transform and set the mood.  Imagine coming home after a long day and running a hot bath with your favorite bath salts and essential oils.  Dim the lights and listen to soothing sounds.  This is the way life was meant to be lived.  We can create that for you.  By installing beautiful light fixtures that complement your bathroom’s best assets.  Our master electricians can place your lights on dimmers and timers for your convenience.

Premium Flooring

Stunning flooring is the foundation for an awe inspiring bathroom.  Whether you decide to go with small vintage tiles or grandiose marble tile.  Modern glass tile and traditional hand painted Spanish tile is available to you.  Take your bathroom experience to the next level with heated flooring.  During the winter months, this added feature enhances your indoor experience three-fold.  Consider trending concrete epoxy flooring fashioned to look like a deserted beach off the Zanzibari coast or dolphins frolicking in the Atlantic Ocean.  Textured rubberized flooring is less common but still makes a positive impression.  Step out of your comfort zone with premium flooring.

Premium Design Services

We are more than contractors.  A contractor will inspect your space, recommend paint changes, demolish your space and put in a new tub, shower, sink and fixtures.  They don’t have any formal design training and lack the finesse required to transform your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams.  Their advice is based solely on demo and installation experience.  When you have a professional interior designer on your side, the possibilities are endless.  Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis offers premium design services to every renovation client.  Our interior designer will revamp the layout and create the illusion of space and depth where there was none.


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