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Kitchen Remodeling

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While it may seem as if we only know bathrooms, Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis is also versed in kitchen remodeling.  Be inspired to prepare sumptuous meals in your new kitchen.  If you do everything in your power to avoid spending time in the kitchen, it’s time for an upgrade.  Do you have difficulty determining the difference between a shallot and an onion?  Contact us for a free consultation.  Does your kitchen remind you of That 70’s Show?  If so, you need a renovation quick!  Whether you have a modest or expansive budget, we can make major improvements within a short period of time.

Beautiful Kitchen Flooring

Most of us grew up with linoleum flooring.  We can’t blame our parents – it was cheap.  Today, there are so many flooring options available that it can be dizzying to determine what is right for you.  Your kitchen should be reflective of your unique personality.  Choose from epoxy concrete flooring or mosaic tile.  Hand painted Spanish tile or hard wood.  Quality vinyl flooring made to look like bamboo is another option.  Schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience.  The interior designer will be happy to assist you in exploring all the options.

Utilitarian Kitchen Cabinetry

We’ll can install a rack to showcase your copper cookery.  Everything else can be tucked away.  This is a huge difference between clutter and decorative display.  Intelligent cabinetry is the sign of good design.  Choose from wood cabinetry with glass inserts.  The glass can be ridged, frosted or ornate.  Gentle glide drawers constructed of the finest materials is what we do.  We have master carpenters on staff with over 20 years experience developing cabinets and shelving that withstand the test of time.  When you select Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis, know that you are in good hands.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Plumbing

The traditional hot water heater located in the basement is what most homes in Minneapolis have.  Tankless water heaters is the latest and greatest invention to impact the home improvement industry.  Rather than a flame constantly heating a large container of water, the tankless heater is smaller and is located in the kitchen and bathroom, where you need them.  They only turn on when the hot water is in use.  Within 15 seconds, hot water is at your disposal.  Tankless heaters save our clients hundreds of dollars annually in water and electricity.

Dual Purpose Kitchen Lighting

When you host a party at your home, it’s only a matter of time before all your guests wind up in the kitchen.  Something about the aroma of food and warmth that brings people together.  Kitchen lighting must be utilitarian.  It must also set a mood.  The most intimate conversations are had over a good meal.  Once we install a small eating area in the kitchen, we will make it possible for you to transform the lighting from bright to soothing.  Most meals are not relished at the dining room table.  That would be too formal.  At Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis, we create dual purpose kitchen lighting for meal preparation and enjoyment.


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