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Bathroom Design

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There is a palpable difference between an amateur DIY bathroom and one conceived by an interior designer.  A professional interior designer comes equipped with years of professional study and practical experience.  She can detect potential problems before they arise.  Rather than wishing you had done things differently, with an interior designer, everything is just as you had envisioned.  Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis offers turn key bathroom renovations.  From the initial free consultation to the final installation and clean up - we’ve got you covered.  Our design services are affordable and guaranteed to make you smile.

Affordable Bathroom Design Services

Requisite bathroom design services are included in all that we do.  If you are a homeowner, operations manager or business owner in need of bathroom renovations, basic design services will be afforded to you.  Extensive design services are included for a slight fee.  Many people think that interior design services are reserved for the rich and famous.  You don’t have to be a celebrity or an ultra high net worth individual to obtain affordable bathroom design services.  Our design services are competitively priced.  We make it easy for you to experience the best from a certified interior designer.

3 Designs

When you meet with the interior designer, she will make you feel at ease.  We advise you to create a Pinterest board featuring your favorite bathroom looks.  This will help her to understand your personal tastes and style before the design process begins.  After speaking with you and surveying your space, she will develop 3 different designs for your bathroom.  They will include various layouts, paint colors, flooring and fixtures.  You will be presented with a high, mid range and low cost option.  Of course, these designs can be tweaked at your request.  We like to give you 3 options so that you may explore all the possibilities.

Certified Interior Designer

Many people play at being interior designers.  They have a flair for color, patterns and overall creativity.  They experience joy when combining textiles and prints.  That doesn’t necessarily make them professional interior designers.  While they may be more in touch with their right brain than the average layperson, they are not professionals.  If you desire a professional look and experience, you need to hire a professional.  Having a certified interior designer on your team makes life easier.  Our interior designer has been with us for over 15 years.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your project.

Timing is Everything

When you come to us for bathroom renovation, we know that you have had it up to here!  You are at your wits ends.  To be without a bathroom for an extended period of time is really stretching you to the limit.  We do our best to ensure that the construction period is minimized.  From the initial consultation to the completion of the final design is one week.  Our team realizes that by the time a client reaches out to us, they are in need of urgent change.  Your project is prioritized according to your needs.  We realize that timing is everything.


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