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Bathroom Additions & Expansions

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When you purchased your home, it was enough.  It was just the two of you.  While you planned to have a family, you didn’t expect it to happen so fast!  Three people sharing 1 bathroom is not a good look.  Patience wears thin quickly and it’s awfully inconvenient.  Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis offers affordable bathroom additions and expansions.  Our team of veterans are capable of installing your new bathroom in less than a week.  We won’t leave you hanging like other contractors.  Once you give us the green light, we get right to it.

Commercial Bathroom Additions and Expansions

When you signed the lease for your retail store, you knew the bathroom was bit dingy, to say the least.  But it was functional and you anticipated that only yourself and your staff would be using it.  Since you opened, customers continuously request to use the bathroom.  While you inform them that it’s not pretty, they still insist.  Your showroom is immaculate, while your bathroom leaves much to be desired.  It’s embarrassing and doesn’t reflect well on your business.  Not to worry because Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis can upgrade and expand your old bathroom.  We can install a bathroom worthy of your customers, plus construct an additional dressing room.

Residential Bathroom Additions and Expansions

Now that your family has grown and your mother has moved into your home, there is no denying it – you need more bathroom space.  The arguing and late arrivals have to cease.  One more bathroom would ease your woes beyond imagination.  Expanding the master bathroom would lessen the tensions between you and your spouse, plus make your early morning interactions more enjoyable and less of a chore.  Contact us for swift and affordable bathroom additions and expansions.  We will install energy efficient shower heads and tankless hot water heaters.  Adding dual sinks and larger mirrors will make your bathroom more user friendly.

Quality Bathroom Materials

With most local contractors, you will find that they source materials from Home Depot.  They purchase supplies at retail, then charge you double what they paid for it.  This drives your costs up exponentially.  Bathroom Remodel Minneapolis sources from local vendors.  Excessive shipping costs are not factored into your pricing.  This means that you save money when you choose us for your home remodel needs.  We purchase superior building materials, supplies and fixtures at wholesale prices.  Your bathroom will withstand high usage over an extended period of time.  Our goal is to provide magazine worthy bathrooms at an affordable price.

Comprehensive Warranties

One of the benefits of selecting us for your bathroom expansion and addition needs is that our work is backed by a comprehensive warranty.  We stand by our workmanship and it shows.  If you are not pleased with our work, contact us and we will return to remedy the situation.  Many of the products we use for installations come complete with a manufacturer’s warranty.  At the end of the day, we are in the customer service business.  It is our goal to make you happy.  We have been in business for over 35 years.  Each specialist on our team has at least 5 years experience in the field.  You can rely on our workmanship and industry knowledge.


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